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 Infant Colds

A Tiny Drop (Tip Tipa) of Information on Infant Colds

Green mucus is a common symptom of colds in infants. Even if you remembered to shut the door and never let your little ones venture outside without a sweater, they’re still likely to catch colds, cough and suffer from built-up phlegm. Infant colds are viral illnesses caused by viruses entering the upper respiratory tract. They have nothing to do with the weather. The reason they appear more often in the winter is that during this period, we tend to hole up in closed areas, leading to faster infection rates.
The symptoms of colds in infants:

  • A blocked nose, which makes it difficult for the infant to breath
  • Phlegm, which clogs the airway
  • Snoring
  • All of the above at once

Read on to learn about how to relieve your sniffly infants’ cold symptoms. While there’s no cure for (or way to prevent) the common cold, knowing the following information can help make your baby more comfortable.
Ways to relieve infant colds

  • Elevate the area of the crib where the infant rests their head
  • Chicken soup
  • Warm baths
  • Breastmilk
  • Nose gel
  • Saline spray or cool air humidifier
  • Bulb for removing snot from the nose
  • Old-fashioned remedies for infant colds

Infant colds can be more than just a runny (green or clear) nose. They can also be accompanied by coughs and phlegm. Phlegmy coughs in infants can cause discomfort, which can be relieved using the right treatment plan. While phlegm in infants is nothing to be worried about, it can and should be treated.


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